Circle SSO

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Single sign-on allows for passwordless access to your Circle community from Thinkific.


Key features

  • Allow students to skip the login step to access your Circle community
  • Promote community engagement with less friction
  • Offer private Circle communities without having to create student accounts


Circle is a premium online community tool for course creators that promotes student discussion, enables resource sharing, and helps create student superfans. It can be totally customized to fit your brand.

Circle SSO by Course Studio helps create a seamless experience for students as they work through your Thinkific curriculum by enabling them to access your Circle community in one click using their existing Thinkific credentials. There is no separate account required!


  • Save the admin time required to set up students in Circle by allowing them to access your community using their Thinkific account—even for private communities!
  • One-click access to Circle for students who are logged in to Thinkific.
  • Set up requires no coding. Simply copy and paste the key from our app into your Circle SSO setup area and you’re up and running in minutes.