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Reduce drop-offs by helping students schedule their coursework


Key features

  • Empower students to plan their schedules and add course details to their calendars
  • Communicate live events such as coaching or Q&A sessions
  • Organize your lessons from a student's viewpoint


Busy schedules make it challenging for students to balance their coursework. As they struggle to stay on top of their workload, lessons go uncompleted and assignments are missed, eventually leading to students dropping out of a course.

Coursemap helps your students schedule their work easily so that they can complete your course faster—and get excited about the next one!

Most Popular Features:

1. Organize your lessons and help students carve out time in their schedules to learn

Coursemap integrates with Thinkific to auto-generate course maps. What’s a course map? It’s a schedule that is automatically made for your students to take one chapter at a time per week. You can then add details such as deadlines for assignments and the expected study time to complete a lesson.

2. Communicate live events such as exclusive coaching or Q&A sessions

Offer your students even more support than they were expecting by helping them attend Q&As and coaching sessions. You can add live events that occur at a fixed time to the course map. A detailed course map can ensure that each student has clear expectations of their workload.

3. Empower students to plan and schedule coursework upfront so that they can stay on track

By clearly communicating live events, due dates, and the time needed to complete lessons, students can be better equipped to complete the course they start. Students can integrate these course maps with their calendars—creating timely reminders and empowering students to plan their study times based on their preferences.

Ready to help your students organize their time better? Try Coursemap for free today.