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Quickly generate AI videos with a presenter from text lessons in your course!

Key features

  • Create engaging videos with presenters just from text in over 75 languages
  • Easily edit your videos without the need to re-record anything
  • Add your videos to your Thinkific account in a couple of clicks


AI video creation solution for Thinkific

A variety of content formats is essential for effective learning. Educational videos are proven to be engaging and effective in the classroom, as they help students focus and remember better. Video creation can be challenging and time-consuming, but Elai.io brings an end to this struggle, allowing you to create videos with a human presenter just from text.

Effortless integration, endless possibilities

As you may know, having a person in videos helps students to focus more, as seeing another human activates their empathy. Elaio.io’s real human avatars let you benefit from this, without having to get in front of the camera yourself.

Elai.io saves you time, costs, and stress. This app enables you to generate fully customizable videos in 75 languages with a real human presenter, using the text you already have in your courses. The easy-to-use builder lets you transform text-based training materials, PPTX, and PDF files into professional videos. Additionally, you can generate a course outline and create a video based on it in minutes. Furthermore, Elai allows you to create video dialogues with digital avatars, which are perfect for scenario-based learning.

With Elai.io as a Thinkific app, you can do all of this and upload your videos straight to your school.

Here is a full list of features:

  • 75+ Languages
  • 85+ Built-in Avatars
  • AI Storyboard/ AI Virtual Assistant
  • Automated Translations
  • Voice Cloning
  • Interactivity (Q1 2024)
  • Photo and Video Avatar Creation
  • Avatar Dialogs
  • Article-to-video converter
  • Text to video
  • URL-to-Video
  • Media Library
  • Collaboration/Comments
  • 100+ Templates
  • Screen Recorder
  • Advanced Animations
  • Phoneme Dictionary

and many more!


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