Fyrebox Quizzes

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Fyrebox makes it easy to create quizzes to engage students or to enroll any lead in a course


Key features

  • Create versatile quizzes to engage your students
  • Customize your quizzes to match your branding
  • Enroll students to courses based on their quiz results


Easily make fun interactive quizzes for your Thinkific courses with Fyrebox. Add quizzes to your landing page or embed them in multimedia lessons to better engage your students and enroll them in courses directly! Fyrebox is simple to start and easy to use; create a quiz (or two), then review individual responses or general analytics.

Choose from five different quiz types:

  • Multiple Choice Quizzes: Enter up to four answers per question. The quiz will calculate the number of correct answers. You can create rules based on the student's score.
  • True / False Quiz: A simplified version of the MCQ quiz. The student can choose between True and False for each question and customise the answers with the design editor.
  • Open Ended Quiz: The student has to type an answer. Perfect for getting feedback on your course.
  • Mostly As: Perfect for psychological tests. The quiz will find the most-selected answer. You can then define rules based on that answer.
  • Scenario Quiz: Perfect for training assessment. Describe and give the student up to four choices. Each choice will redirect to a different question or ends the quiz.

Customize your quizzes to match your site branding:

  • Choose your format: You can choose a classic or conversation format. Your students probably use Whatsapp, Messenger or WeChat. Display your quiz in a format they use every day.
  • Choose your language: Fyrebox is available in 104 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, and Portuguese.
  • Create multi-language quizzes: The quiz will detect the students' browser language and display the version in their language.
  • Edit every element of your quiz: Change colours, move the buttons around, and change their labels.

Take advantage of our free, 14-day trial and get two months free if you buy an annual subscription.