by Howdy

Howdy combines video, scheduling, gamification, and more to make any online course social, interactive, and engaging.

Key features

  • In-browser video conferencing with unlimited amount of rooms and sessions
  • Built-in calendar, scheduling, and polling
  • Quickly integrates into your Thinkific site


Howdy makes live lessons easy!

Supercharge your online courses by making them more social, interactive, and engaging with in-browser video conferencing. Whether you’re hosting 1:1 sessions or group lessons, Howdy helps you deliver a better student experience while increasing engagement, retention, and brand loyalty. Howdy also unlocks the full potential of your course community by making it easy for your students to connect via peer-to-peer discussion groups. This helps to increase student retention and improve their learning experience!

Based on our research, students who use Howdy in tandem with their online courses are up to 8 times more likely to complete the course and rate their experience higher than if they didn’t use Howdy. 

Ready to get started? Howdy connects to your Thinkific site with just a few clicks and makes it easy for you and/or your students to collaborate in real-time. 

“Howdy is easy-to-use. It was added to my course within minutes. It requires minimal upkeep from my end.  My teaching rating has gone up from 4.9 to 4.95 on a 5.0 scale. That is hard to do when you have 350,000 learners….Howdy has solved the problem of the few students getting lost.” - Barry Nalebuff, Yale University

"Howdy's user interface makes coordinating live sessions hassle-free, and helps provide a much better experience to my students. " - Michael B.

Top features include:

  • In-browser video conferencing technology
  • Integrated scheduling and calendar
  • Built-in schedule polling
  • Built-in video group chat and breakout rooms
  • Real-time feedback and gamification
  • Analytics and reporting
  • And more!

Benefits to course creators include:

  • Enhanced engagement and completion rates
  • Increased loyalty and retention
  • Save time on session coordination
  • Enhanced data & analytics

Benefits to students include:

  • An even more engaging online learning experience
  • Accelerated comprehension of course material
  • Improve hard and soft skills
  • Fun interactions with their peers

Howdy is where online learning is social, interactive, and fun. Let Howdy take your course to the next level! 

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