QuickBooks Sync

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Streamline bookkeeping by syncing Thinkific Payments data with Quickbooks


Key features

  • Custom product mapping
  • Real-time transaction data syncing
  • Automated bookkeeping and reconciliation


The ultimate solution for Thinkific creators seeking to reclaim valuable time spent on tedious bookkeeping tasks. With seamless real-time syncing capabilities, the QuickBooks Sync by Acodei app empowers you to effortlessly manage your transactions within QuickBooks, streamlining your reconciliation and accounting workflows.

QuickBooks Sync by Acodei takes the hassle out of payment reconciliation, allowing you to sync Thinkific sales transactions directly to your QuickBooks account. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to efficiency as you automate the reconciliation process. Mapping Thinkific payments data to QuickBooks fields ensures accuracy and consistency, providing you with a precise reflection of your Thinkific finances.

Note: TCommerce is required for this app. You will be prompted to set up TCommerce once you install the app from this page.