Smartarget Reviews

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Increase student trust by showing website reviews


Key features

  • Show students reviews on your Thinkific website
  • Allow students to rate your courses
  • Easily customize the app to fit your Thinkific website style


Do you ever get good feedback from your students? Share that feedback on your Thinkific site as social proof to build trust with prospective students and increase their trust make them buy your courses with Smartarget Reviews.

One of the biggest benefits of Smartarget Reviews is that you can avoid showing non-constructive feedback. You work hard on your courses, but sometimes non-constructive customers leave aggressive reviews for no reasonable reason. Smartarget Reviews allows you to have full control on the reviews you show on your website.

Smartarget Reviews is fully customized and allows you to:

  • Collect reviews from customers
  • Show text reviews
  • Show star ratings
  • Show an average star rating (by all students)
  • Manually confirm reviews
  • Customize the apps colour and style
  • Add custom review questions visible only to you

Note that the Reviews app by Smartarget allows you to leave a review for your entire Thinkific website and not just for a particular course.