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Send smart automated push notifications to increase repeat visits, student engagement, and course purchases.


Key features

  • Easy to use push notification tool to bring back potential students at 4x the conversion rate of email
  • Send push notifications to promote course offers, sales, new arrivals, and exciting updates
  • Set up automated triggers and segments to re-engage students, announce changes and promotions to drive repeat course sales


Email notifications are no longer enough to keep your site visitors and students coming back. In order to keep up with other course creators, you need to be using modern channels of communication like browser push notifications. Subscribers is the perfect tool for sending smarter push notifications that will keep your visitors and students coming back. Send push notifications to desktop and mobile devices on any browser– Chrome, Firefox & Safari. Easily target and segment students with Subscribers on any Thinkific website page.

Generate and grow push notification subscribers with friendly opt-ins

The first step is to generate subscribers for your push notifications. With the fully customizable modal prompts and other friendly nudges to get more subscribers, you will generate new subscribers each day, without being intrusive.

Set-up automated triggers, recurring notifications and drip campaigns

You can automate as much or as little as you want. Schedule your push notifications as far in advance as you prefer so you can focus your time where it matters the most, even in the middle of your biggest course promotion yet.

  • Set your course notifications on autopilot: You’ll find all the tools necessary to make sure your most important marketing messages get sent on time, automatically, every time.
  • Welcome Drip series: Our welcome drips are a great way to drive traffic to your best course offers and increase your clicks.
  • Segment your messaging: Customize your course offerings with geolocation, device, browser, OS, and more.
  • Behavior triggers: Set up automated pushes based on specific triggers such as course re-engagement, when a specific course goes on sale, or when you need a new student to take an action.
  • Send one-off notifications: You can also schedule one-off manual notifications on the fly.

Understand your subscribers and take action

Get instant insights into your Thinkific site’s subscribers and make data-driven decisions on real data that drives your courses forward.

Daily analytics

  • Simple, digestible graphs consolidate all your data in one easy to understand location.
  • See the exact traffic and revenue that Subscribers is contributing to your Thinkific business through the use of custom tracking links.
  • Compare each campaign side-by-side to understand best practices and winning course strategies.

Powerful segmentation tools

  • Create segments of your subscribers based on parameters that make sense to your courses (country, browser, device, etc)
  • Target notifications to specific students and see what notifications perform best across those segments.

Why web push notifications?

  • Bite-Size Messages: Say what you need to say quickly and easily in a consumable, bit-size message. No run-on emails or tricky email formatting here.
  • Rich Content: Showcase your course brand and content with your own unique imagery and optional custom action buttons to make your push notifications really stand out.
  • Always Viewable: Unlike other methods of customer communication, web push notifications are always viewable, whether the student is currently on your site or not.

Loved by over 10,000 users around the world “Subscribers is my favourite marketing tool. It is simple, easy to use, and effective.” ~Neil Patel, Digital Marketing Expert