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Allow your students to buy your courses on affordable payment plans.


Key features

  • Providing a financing option will enable higher usage of your courses
  • Eliminate high interchange fees
  • Make your courses available to customers of varying credit types


SweetPay offers your students a way to pay over time for the purchase of your courses. Offering a way for students to pay over time is key to selling more courses. But, the options available for many educators and training firms are either too limited, too complicated, or too costly.

SweetPay solves this dilemma for course-creators with an easy-to-use and highly effective platform that will allow your business to offer your students a sweet way to pay! Best of all, it’s free! We accomplish this by having industry-leading personal loan lenders covering all credit tiers integrated into our platform and available to students with a simple, single application.

Having many years of fintech and consumer lending experience, SweetPay’s leadership has built a lending platform that is:

  • Trusted. Our lender partners are top-rated, offering very competitive rates.
  • Secure. Our application design takes your student’s personal data seriously and it is hosted on Amazon Web Service’s highly-secure platform.
  • Inclusive. Our multi-lender automation covering a wide variety of credit scores enable even subprime credits to receive loan offers.
  • Easy. Our simple, intuitive application and tight integration with our lender partners makes it smooth and easy for your student to complete a loan in minutes before returning to the Thinkific checkout to complete purchase.