Bulk Sell

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Volume Sales, Simplified. The Bulk Sell checkout by Thinkific Labs makes selling multiple course seats to a single buyer easier - for you and your customers.

Key features

  • Buyers can purchase multiple seats from a course in a single transaction
  • Tiered pricing and volume discounts make it easy to reward bulk purchases
  • Group analyst accounts let buyers manage student enrollment and track their progress


Selling multiple course seats to a single buyer just got easier and more profitable. The Bulk Sell checkout app by Thinkific Labs reduces your admin costs and gives you the pricing flexibility you need to encourage volume buys—while giving your customers the control they expect.

Whether you’re looking to boost your B2B sales, ease group registrations, or offer tiered pricing—the Bulk Sell app simplifies volume course sales.

The Bulk Sell app by Thinkific Labs lets you sell multiple seats for your courses to a single buyer—all in one simple transaction.

Tier Pricing

With Bulk Sell’s new checkout option, you can now offer tiered pricing and volume discounts to encourage more sales.

Streamline Checkout

The simplified, seamless checkout experience means less friction for your volume buyers—removing barriers to making the sale.

Reduce Admin Time

Give your customers more control over the seats they purchase while reducing your administrative effort. For each bulk sale, the purchaser gets a Group Analyst account to distribute seats to their team, manage enrollment, and track student progress.

Ready to get started selling in volume?

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