Wizebank Analytics

Wizebank is a free analytics solution designed to help you save time and sell more.


Key features

  • All your analytics in one place with easy-to-use dashboards
  • Unlock data-driven insights designed to help you sell more
  • See how you stack up with anonymized industry benchmarks


Wizebank is the #1 analytics solution for the most ambitious course creators. With one-click integrations to all your favorite tools, Wizebank gives you everything you need to know about your e-learning business in one place. Create your 100% free account in minutes!


  • Actionable Analytics: Powerful analytics without spreadsheets. Wizebank's real-time dashboards make it easy to see the big picture of your entire business.
  • Purchase Funnels: Gain visibility into your marketing funnel so you can optimize your conversions—from unique visitors to email leads to customers.
  • Insights & Trends: Easily see how you're performing by comparing your current analytics to previous periods.
  • Benchmarking: Access anonymized industry benchmarks to see how your business compares to other creators, including stats on revenue, conversions, and more.


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