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Show students the immediate impact of their decisions through engaging role-plays and interactive scenarios.

Key features

  • Engage your students with exciting role-plays & interactive scenarios
  • Gamify the learning experience with countdown clocks, points, and hints
  • Learn about your students with the analytics dashboard, visual results, and exported data


Add the engaging power of Mazetec™ role-plays to your Thinkific course!

When you build interactive role-play scenarios with branching outcomes, your students see the immediate impact of decisions. They’re challenged to practice their knowledge on scenarios you design, so that they take away as much as possible from your course.

We built Mazetec to create role-plays that show your students why course content is so important. Rather than assessing their knowledge with a quiz or assignment, we immerse your students in a challenging, real-world situation designed to uncover gaps in their understanding or reaffirm their learning so far.

“We received amazing feedback. We’ve integrated Mazes into all of our online trainings now. They are consistently rated the number one best part of our online, self-guided courses." - Paul Quinnett, CEO of QPR Institute, Inc.

Why should you get started with Mazetec today?

  • Engage students with game mechanics to prompt pressure or strategy
  • Enable students to collaborate with colleagues
  • Activate critical thinking and reflection
  • Give students a safe space to practice decision making and share feedback
  • Explore your students' results and data visually
  • Build an exciting dynamic experience your students will love

“Absolutely loved the concept of learning through a virtual scenario! As a learner, I was instantly transported into the scenario.” - Colin, Instructor with RealSkills

How does Mazetec work for your students?

Your students will progress through their learning by making decisions that have real-time consequences. You can choose from the 6 consequences below to reinforce their understanding of your course content:

  1. Scenes - Moves the scenario forward and connects them to future branching choices.
  2. Warnings - Poor choices have consequences! Link poor choices to a warning and send students back to make a better choice. Subtract time or points to show impact.
  3. Hints - Offer a hint for reflection, pause the timer, and return them to the previous scene to make a better choice during play.
  4. Forms - Link them to decision paths to create a branch survey or ask open-ended questions like, “Why did you choose that?”
  5. Fail - Some choices are unacceptable. Reaching a Fail node ends the simulation, but presents the option to restart. Build in no Fail outcomes, lots, or reuse the same one.
  6. Finish - A successful Finish ends the scenario and allows the student to continue on in your Thinkific course.

How do I get started?

  1. Add the Mazetec app to your site!
  2. Build your role-play scenario.
  3. Add your Mazetec scenario link to a multimedia lesson and that’s it!
  4. Optional: Prevent students from skipping your role-play in Thinkific before finishing it by adding a snippet of code to your site’s footer. Pass the student’s name and email to track their role-play data by adding a snippet of text to the end of your link in the multimedia lesson.

Ready for an example? Try it out above!

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