Exit Popup

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Keep prospective customers on your site for longer using Exit Popup


Key features

  • Show a Popup to keep customers on your site for longer
  • Promote a special discount or blog post
  • Customize the app to suit your Thinkific website style


You spend a lot of time and money to bring customers to your website, with Exit Popup you can keep users on the website for longer and increase the chance that they will become a paid customer.

Exit Popup recognizes when a customer is about to close the tab on their browser, when the mouse cursor is moving to the top area of the screen. This may mean that your potential customers didn’t find what they want. That doesn't have to be the case when you have a chance to show a popup message with a special discount or valuable information that might cause them to stay on your website.

Key Features:

  • Show an Exit Popup to keep users on your website for longer
  • Promote a special discount
  • Highlight a new blog post that you don’t want students to miss
  • Design the Exit Popup to match your website style
  • Drive customers to a specific page

You don’t need to have any coding skills or help from developers to configure your popup and show it on your website. It takes only a few minutes to create the popup of your dreams. Exit Popup works on desktop devices only because it recognizes the mouse cursor movements which don't exist in mobile devices. If you would like to have a popup for both desktop and mobile devices, we suggest to use our Popup app for Thinkific.