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Create personalized pop-ups and customize your course player to increase completion and engagement.

Key features

  • Increase student engagement, success and course completion rates
  • Gamify your course experience with perfectly timed surprises, rewards & calls to action
  • Trigger personalized pop-ups based on progress or target specific courses and lessons


plaYEAH! is a course player "sidekick" with superpowers that is always looking to save the day and make sure your students have the best experience possible watching your course.

When your students are about to give up, plaYEAH! pops in and gives them a personalized message of encouragement or reminds them of the support systems you have in place.

When your students need a friendly reminder to stop and fill out that worksheet, plaYEAH! gets them to take notice before they move ahead.

And, when you want to create a "pac-man" effect of binge-worthy content to get your students from free trial to forever fan, plaYEAH! is there to reward and incentivize them just at the right moment.

When your students reach important milestones or complete your course, plaYEAH! is there to shower them with confetti, some fun and crazy animations, or even personalized GIFs.

You can't be there for every student to remind them how awesome you and your course are - but plaYEAH! can.

plaYEAH! doesn't stop there—it also comes with additional superpowers to help you style your course player the way you want it to look, including custom fonts and colors galore.

You have the ultimate control over how your course experience will look and the impression it will have on your students to set them up for success... and make them want to love you even more!

Features & Benefits

  • Progress based in-course pop-ups with personalized messages, animations, images, GIFs and calls to action
  • Target specific courses & lessons or make them available to all
  • No need to learn another platform—integrates directly with Site Builder
  • Quickly drop in professional looking and eye-catching animations and graphics from Canva, GIPHY and Lottie
  • Pre-built pop-ups designed for specific goals: encourage, gamify, remind, sell and more
  • Control location, animated effects and how long the message appears on the screen
  • Add optional call-to-action buttons when you want your students to take some action (or buy another course or service from you)
  • Setup in minutes—no developer or design skills needed
  • No recurring fees—one-time payment—keep forever ("endless upgrades" included)

plaYEAH! is just one of the PowerUps created by Thinkific Expert Rob Galvin that will give your Thinkific Site superpowers!