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Create a personalized site experience for your students with powerful redirects, an expanded icon library for site pages and other useful utility sections

Key features

  • Higher control over page access
  • Expanded icon library
  • Custom sign up fields as dropdowns or checkboxes


25 new Site Builder sections to alter the standard behavior of your Thinkific pages to give you ultimate control of page access and alternative settings to the standard theme sections.

Smart Redirects

10 different page redirects that will give you total precision over how potential members navigate and access your site.

  • Send users to your external sales page
  • Prevent access to pages by email address
  • Redirect based on enrollment status

Alternative control over existing site sections

Make your site pages better fit how you are using Thinkific so that your members are not seeing things they shouldn't.

  • Higher conversions with hidden headers
  • Granular control of your Student Dashboard
  • Fine grain control over course card elements

Expanded icon library

There are over 7,800 icons available to use on your sales pages and go beyond the "standard" Icons and Text section that is included with Empire, Vision & Vogue

  • More styles such as thin, solid, and two-tone
  • Better control of sizing and color
  • 7,800+ icons to choose from

Swiss is part of the Super PowerUps collection that optimizes your Thinkific site to create a "forever fan" experience for your students. Created by long-time Thinkific Expert Rob Galvin and team, this app can be used in a matter of minutes without any technical or marketing skills required.

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