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Deliver smart, personalized notifications to keep your students excited about the latest updates to your learning content.

Key features

  • Smart notifications based on enrollment status
  • Quick access to the latest news, content or promos
  • Personalized and branded to suit your site’s style


Use Ding to PowerUp your student dashboard with an intelligent member notification system. Ding will keep your members informed and excited about your latest content, can’t-miss events, and new courses for sale.

Rich & Personalized Message Types

Create notifications with videos, images, or GIFs to catch your students’ attention right away. You have some amazing features and offers in place—Ding wants your students to know about them ASAP! Personalize your notifications with features like:

  • Include your latest "replay" video or link to new learning content
  • Automatically inject your students’ names into notifications
  • Add call-to-action messages and link to content upgrades

Smart Notifications

Keep your notifications relevant and timely. You can control exactly who sees the notifications based on their enrollment status. Plus, you can set up a message to show on a certain date and even auto-hide on another date. Get the right message to the right person at the right time.

  • Let members know about new content or events
  • Tease content to non-members
  • Remind members about your awesome content
  • Schedule notifications to show or hide on specific dates

Brand it to your colors and style

Easily swap out the color scheme used by Ding to match your brand and style. Choose from over 7,000 icons for your notification button. You want to use a unicorn? No problem (we love unicorns!).

  • Easily change the color scheme
  • Choose from over 7,000 icons for the notification button
  • Use color coding for different message types

Ding is part of the Super PowerUps collection that optimizes your Thinkific site to create a "forever fan" experience for your students. Created by long-time Thinkific Expert, Rob Galvin and team, this small but mighty app can be used in a matter of minutes without any technical skills required.

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