Expiring Courses Saver

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Easily remind your students about their expiring courses with 10 dashboard widgets—and increase sales & retention rates in the process

Key features

  • Incentivize upgrades to paid or full packages
  • Grab your students’ attention with course expiration banners
  • Choose from a variety of styles and personalize every notification


If your course business includes limited-time access to courses or a recurring subscription model, students need to know when their courses are about to expire. Why? Because they need that extra motivation to complete the course, have an incredible experience, and either keep paying your subscription fee or upgrade to a paid package!

Without a feature that helps them see when their courses are expiring, you could be losing sales for upgrades or your retention rate may be lower than expected, simply because your students are unaware that their courses will be expiring soon.

With the Expiring Courses Saver PowerUp by Rob Galvin, your students will be saved by displaying “Can’t Miss” notifications the next time they log in.

When should you use the Expiring Courses Saver PowerUp?

  • Your courses are set for an automatic expiration and you want to remind your students so that their motivation is increased to complete the course
  • You want to increase your upgrades when you have a free trial period that has an expiration
  • You have a membership or subscription-based product and you want to remind your members about their renewal period

What’s included with this feature?

  • 10 different widgets from subtle to “no way you’re missing this”
  • Optional animation and sound effects to get further attention
  • Automatically personalize your messages with “SmartText”
  • Include a call to action to make it easy for students to upgrade
  • Get setup in a “snap”! With the “snap” of your fingers, you can change the design without wasting time getting your content set up again

How does this app work?

  • Install the Expiring Courses Saver by clicking Install
  • Add the Expiring Courses Widgets to the student dashboard page
  • Personalize your messages with “SmartText”
  • Optionally include a call to action for convenient upgrading opportunities
  • Choose your widget style
  • Choose the number of days to warn your students (for example, start warning them 7 days before expiration
  • Get ready for higher sales with upgrades and higher retention rates!

Expiring Courses Saver is part of the Super PowerUps collection that optimizes your Thinkific site to create a "forever fan" experience for your students. Created by long-time Thinkific Expert Rob Galvin and team, this app can be used in a matter of minutes without any technical or marketing skills required.

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