Hello Bar

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Create engaging pop-ups at a lightning fast pace for your Thinkific sites with no coding skills required. Start capturing and converting more students with ease.


Key features

  • Create high-converting pop-ups for your Thinkific site
  • Precisely target messages to students by device, location, visit, page, and more
  • Automate with pre-built integrations and autoresponders tools


Hello Bar is made to help you optimize your Thinkific site and engage your students, so that you can continue selling to students and driving them to the course content that you want them to see.

Easily target Hello Bar on any Thinkific website page to start increasing visitor engagement, collecting high-quality emails, reducing course abandonment and much more.

Create engaging pop-ups that convert

Customize every element of your pop-up with just a few clicks to match your Thinkific sites style with our visual editor. Simply target your whole site or specific pages with your newly designed pop-ups to start growing course sales and student sign-ups.

If you collect student information, you can then engage your students with email marketing tools like ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Sendgrid and many more pre-built integrations. If you’re simply alerting your Thinkific audience of a course offering, you can direct them to that targeted web page with a call to action button click.

Types of pop-ups included with all Hello Bar plans

  • Bars – Persistent header and footer bars that scroll with your Thinkific site visitors.
  • Modals – Popups that appear to capture your students attention at key moments.
  • Page Takeovers – Full screen takeovers for when you want to get your students full attention.
  • Sliders – Engaging sliders/banners that rotate through relevant course content.
  • Alerts – Small floating messages to provide student prompts and engagement.

Design & customization

No need to start from scratch, start with 100s of pre-built templates and find one that fits your Thinkific site's brand and style. Easily customize any element within the chosen template with our visual editor–color, size, layout, and more. Lean on our design assistant to automatically detect your site's color palette, fonts, and styling.

Right message, right student, right time

The success of your Hello Bar will come down to making sure that you are putting the right message in front of the right student in the right place on your Thinkific site.

If you are announcing a date-dependent course event, such as a sale, you can customize the dates on your Hello Bar to control when it appears to your potential students. This way, you can also present holiday-related Hello Bars when the time is appropriate.

Need to focus on certain devices? Web browser types matter, especially when we live in an increasingly mobile-first world. Customizing your pop-ups to accommodate for this is crucial.

Start honing in on certain student segments by customizing your message based on their location on your site via our URL path targeting.

And yes, timing is everything… Control when your Hello Bar pops-up to ensure maximum engagement. This can vary from when a user first lands on a page, 5 seconds after this occurs, all the way until they demonstrate exit-intent. Test this and have fun with it!

These adjustable targeting features will allow you to create the best student experience for your Thinkific site.

Tracking & optimizing

Track your conversions and understand how your students are engaging with your pop-ups. A/B test your pop-up campaigns to optimize performance using our built in analytics and custom reporting. Hello Bar gives you all the tracking and optimization you need to make better data-driven decisions.