Message Bar

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Share the latest deals, updates, and important news with your website visitors with an eye-catching banner.


Key features

  • Easily add Message Bar to announce the latest news to your students
  • Increase course sales by creating urgency for visitors to purchase
  • Design a Message Bar that seamlessly fits with your brand


Making sure your students & site visitors know about all of your latest offers can be challenging. How do you make sure they know about your awesome Black Friday deal? Or that an important change is rolling out in your community?

With Message Bar, you can share any updates you like with your customers in a non-intrusive yet eye-catching way.

Message Bar is the quickest way to show any announcement to your audience and keep them 100% informed. Here are just a few ways you can use Message Bar to increase course sales, retention, and engagement.

  • Discount courses: Highlight discounted courses and send the customers to a custom-page to get all the exciting details
  • New course: Announce your latest course in style so that everyone knows about it
  • Newsletter: Invite customers to sign up by promoting your newsletter subscription page.

You can also be as creative as you like! Show any type of message bar announcement that will help you reach your Thinkific business’ goals. Message Bar works both on desktop and mobile devices.

Customize the app to your exact specifications:

  • Display single or multiple messages
  • Place the Message Bar in different positions on desktop and mobile
  • Add a call to action button directly in the popups
  • Customize the colors to fit your Thinkific style
  • Allow customers to close the bar or hide it automatically after few seconds