Contact Form

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Make it easy for students to contact you by simply filling out a form.


Key features

  • Allow students to contact you by filling out a form
  • Works both on desktop and mobile devices
  • Customize the app to suit your Thinkific website style


In less than 5 minutes you can add a contact form feature to your website and allow students to contact your support. Using Contact Form will allow you to get students' questions directly to your email, easily and fast.

You don’t need to develop your own contact form or to hide it in an internal contact us page. With Contact Form by Smartarget, you can add an icon on all pages that allows students to fill in a form, and for you to get it right away. Choose what fields the students should fill in the form, so you have all the needed information in order to give them the best customer support.


  • Choose icon position
  • Choose icon style and call to action
  • Pick the colors to fit your brand style
  • Define which fields are mandatory or optional
  • Get email for every form submission
  • Get notifications on Telegram for every form submission (optional)

Contact Form by Smartarget is the most efficient way to get students contacting you by using a form. You don’t need any development skills to use it. The app works both on desktop and mobile devices.