Confetti Cannon

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Celebrate your new student's purchase decision with some fun customizable confetti. 3 different cannons to choose from: colored dots, emojis or even your logo.

Key features

  • Three different types of Confetti Cannons that are completely customizable
  • Use independently or mix & match
  • Preset styles for colored confetti dots and emojis or create your own


Let your students know right away that your course is not going to be boring. Bored students do not finish your course and are less likely to want to buy another course from you.

Celebrate your new sale and your new student's purchase decision by showering them with confetti right after their purchase. There are three different confetti cannons to choose from: colored dots, emojis or even your logo image. They are all completely customizable to match your colors, brand and level of "fun".

Using the Confetti Cannon is simple

Choose or combine between three different types of cannons: colored dots, emojis, logo.

  1. Open up Site Pages and navigate to the "Checkout - Thank You Page" or any page you would like to shoot the confetti cannon
  2. Add a Confetti Cannon section to your page
  3. Choose a preset theme for the cannon or customize it with your own style of fun

Dots Cannon

Choose a preset color combination or select a custom combination of up to 6 colors. Choose the size of the dots and how many dots you would like your cannon to blast.

Emojis Cannon

Choose a preset emoji combination scheme or enter a list of emojis that you wish to use. Select how many emojis you want to blast the screen with.

Stars, Ribbon & Logo Cannon

Choose a preset color combination for the stars and ribbons confetti. Then upload your transparent PNG logo and adjust the size. You can also hide any of the elements to get the perfect combination of confetti.

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