Facebook Pixel

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Track page views and purchase events to better understand your site users.


Key features

  • Track Facebook ad conversions
  • Understand how users interact with your site
  • Optimize your ads based on the collected data


The Facebook Pixel app makes it easy to start tracking activity on your site right away without having to dig into your site code! Easily evaluate your ads' performance and optimize them to improve conversion. Sell more of your learning products by better understanding your users behaviors on your Thinkific site. Minimize the time you spend on ineffective marketing efforts that aren’t converting how you may have expected!

The Facebook Pixel app allows you to track both page views and purchase events, which can be used for conversion tracking analytics to make informed data decisions to help you optimize your sales funnel.

If you're running ads for a paid product, you can simply set up your ad with a marketing objective as a conversion using the Purchase event that our Facebook Pixel integration sends. Our Purchase event includes the product's name so you can segment the data based on the name included in the event parameters.

Better understand your current & prospective students with event tracking!

  1. Page Views - This event runs on every page of your Thinkific site.

  2. Purchase - This event runs after the successful purchase of any paid product on your Thinkific site. Our integration will send over:

    • The amount paid for the product as the value parameter
    • The currency of the purchase
    • The product name of the purchase which includes the name of the product and the pricing label (if applicable)