Player Snips

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Make your course look amazing with easily customizable content blocks and increase engagement with effects & popups.

Key features

  • Pre-designed layout and content blocks
  • Grab the free collection or lock in to the full growing library
  • New options added monthly


Don't create boring courses. Bored students don't finish your course or buy other courses from you. Use Player Snips instead to make your course more interesting, impactful, memorable and fun.

Let us do the hard work for you in making your course be an exciting "experience" and free up some time to do more of what you love. Simply select a Player Snip from the ever growing collection, copy and paste it into your lessons and personalize with your own images, links and text. Not only do we give you a quicker way to look like a hero, but we also give you superpowers that you just can't possibly create on your own.
Trigger effects just at the right time to make your course more interesting and fun
Shoot some confetti, emojis and even a round of applause when a lesson is completed or started. Quickly choose one of the included themes or easily customize them to match your style!

Simply drop the pre-designed content layouts into your lessons to make you look like a professional designer (without any design or tech skills)

Simply copy and paste a Player Snip from the growing snip library and then customize it with your information and images. No more wasted time messing around with the WYSIWYG editor. Its now easier than ever to format your lessons with responsive column layouts, image galleries, CTAs and checklists (just to name a few)!

Pop in with a personalized message for your student at the perfect time

With a variety of popup designs including emojis, avatars and animations you can encourage or congratulate your student when specific lessons are completed or started. There are even application specific popup snips that open Typeform and Loom videos to gather feedback or send a message. Popups can also be used for a call to action. Each popup can be configured to appear with a sound effect and automatically hide after a certain period of time.

What are customers saying?

"I absolutely ADORE how easy this is to implement. It makes such a difference and they look so cool. This PowerUp would really make our downloadable materials much more visible and user friendly. I love this! This would make it much easier for our students Creates a much cleaner and more professional looking course"

Each month we will be adding more PlayerSnips to the collection to help you look like a hero to your students!