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Easily manage appointments to help you grow your course business faster

Key features

  • Setup appointment scheduling within a few minutes
  • Send automated email & text notifications to your meeting invitees
  • Supports group appointments, calendar integrations and much more


Appointo is a tool for course creators that makes it easy to manage and schedule appointments with students. Whether you want to invite students to office hours or one-on-one mentor sessions, Appointo helps you create a learning environment that feels personal and engaging.

Here are some of the features that we provide:

1. Email Reminders & Notifications

Remind your students about upcoming deadlines and stay organized with customizable notifications for all your classes.You can even send all the emails from your own Thinkific domain!

2. Custom Booking Rules

Provide your students with a streamlined and efficient booking process through advanced booking rules such as buffer time before and after the booking, setting the duration, restricting certain holidays or busy days and including opening and closing hours.

3. Group Appointments

Course creators can set their capacity and allow multiple customers to schedule the same slot, which is particularly useful for webinars, workshops, and classes. Students are also able to quickly add appointments to their own calendars without signing up or registering.

4. 2-way Calendar Integration

Appointo seamlessly connects with Google and Outlook calendar. Bookings are synced to your calendar automatically and any existing events automatically block that time period from your availability.

5. Teams Feature

Bring team members to Appointo and assign appointments to them. They can then handle the availability, add custom questions, and override bookings themselves.

6. Complete Thinkific Theme Compatibility

Your site retains its look and feel with Appointo because Appointo supports all of Thinkific's themes.

7. One Simplified Calendar

Manage all your booking from one calendar view—the most intuitive calendar made for the best booking experience.