Community Box

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Add beautiful directories to your site. Easily.


Key features

  • Turn your classroom into a community
  • Enable your students to showcase themselves and network with one another
  • Reward your students with special profile features


A directory for your students

Community Box lets you automatically list students in your directory when they graduate—or list all enrolled students. Students can edit their profiles and you can give them the option to upload additional information about themselves too, from text to image galleries, videos or even resumes. Students can search for each other by geographical location, or by similar interests using our tagging system.

Build a community, not just a course

By enabling your students to find each other and network both among themselves and with visitors to your site, you can begin to build a strong community and encourage purchases of any new courses you add.

Blends into your site

Configure the look of the directory directly in Site Builder. You can change the appearance so it fits with your existing brand and design.

Easy for you, easy for your students

Your students log in to the directory using the same credentials as they use to log in to your course. No need for any separate passwords or usernames! You configure all aspects of your directory either in Site Builder itself, or in our user-friendly dashboard.

Add value for your students

Students can use their listing in your directory as proof that they have completed your course(s). This encourages them to refer potential customers to your directory and means more people will see your course. Your students can connect with each other, and you can even let site visitors contact your students via the directory.