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Create engaging learning content in the form of conversations


Key features

  • Present learning content as natural, engaging conversations
  • Check students’ understanding by including questions in the conversation
  • Access advanced analytics to understand gaps and improve performance


Create and add conversational style lessons to your Thinkific course.

DialogForm lets you create natural conversations that act as assessments or explanations for learning content. Take control of the students’ learning experience and make it more personalized than anything they’ve experienced. Plus, analyze the students’ learning journeys to constantly improve your content.

Getting started is easy. Install the DialogForm app into your Thinkific site in a few simple clicks. Create content using our builder and add the content link to a Thinkific multimedia lesson.

Why DialogForm?

Online learning helps you reach more people than ever but students still crave that special, personal interaction with their teachers. That’s where DialogForm comes in to save the day. For your students,

DialogForm is like having a real conversation with you or even one of their friends (who happens to know a lot about the subject you teach!). With this easy-to-use chatbot experience, students are presented with learning content in a way that feels natural and engaging. They're kept on their toes and are less tempted to simply scroll past a text lesson or skip past a video.

DialogForm not only provides a great deal of guidance to the learner, but also allows the teacher to minutely and continuously assess the learner's strengths and weaknesses, and adapt rapidly.

This powerful app lets you create and deliver content in a way that can effectively simulate the two-way teacher-learner interaction and improve student engagement & learning outcomes along the way.