ExpertRec Smart Search

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Add lightning-fast search functionality to your site and help students discover the right course content.

Key features

  • Help students discover all of the courses you offer
  • Learn more about what students are most interested in
  • Improve the learning experience by helping students find what they need


Start selling more courses

ExpertRec Smart Search helps potential students discover all of the courses you have to offer. This way, they can make an ultra-informed decision on which course they want to start with, and even start thinking about the next course they want to take afterward.

This powerful search tool also helps students find content in courses that they haven’t signed up for yet, resulting in increased enrolment rates across the board. After all, if a student is searching for specific content and sees that one of your courses (or a few of them!) covers exactly what they’re looking for, they’re much more likely to sign up.

Enhanced student experience

When a student wants to find something in particular in one of your courses, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to get their answers fast. ExpertRec helps students search across all course materials by video lesson, text lesson, quiz, and much more. Plus, voice-enabled search appeals to younger generations while supporting those who have difficulty typing.

Powerful analytics

Comprehensive search analytics helps you gain insights about potential new courses and interests from your students. By seeing what students are regularly searching for, you can either modify your existing courses to meet those needs or build out a whole new course that offers a deep dive into that topic.

Installation takes seconds

As soon as you click Install above, you’ll be guided through a simple installation process. Once installed, all of your existing materials plus any new materials that are added to your course after installation will be easily searchable.