Invirtu Live Classes

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Invirtu allows you to create live, interactive, and engaging classes directly inside your Thinkific courses. No switching apps, just one unified experience for the instructors and learners.

Key features

  • Create live video experiences that are directly accessible through your Thinkific course player
  • Add custom tools for each video session tailored to the class and subject being taught
  • Have complete customization of the class layouts


The Best Solution for Thinkific Live Classes

Invirtu allows you to teach live virtual classes directly inside your Thinkific Course. You can fully customize the experience by adding widgets ranging from coding pads, whiteboards to SWOT Analysis directly into the live video session. You will have a more engaged and interactive class with our toolset.

We have various features that allow you to create experiences specifically for the material you are teaching.

  • Select from our list of hundreds of widgets that can be integrated into the video experience - These widgets provide tools such as coding pads, SWOT analyses, whiteboards, and many other add-ons that allow teachers and students to collaborate in real-time.
  • Record sessions to play back at any time or have the students access their playbacks.
  • Broadcast the classes to a larger audience for classes that can serve thousands of people.
  • Add custom branding to the experience to further build brand recognition of your online school or training company.
  • Change the video layouts as needed. Have attendees on the top, bottom, left, right, or center of the screen that best fit the class's presentation mode.
  • Bring people on and off the screen to highlight who is talking and who is listening.

Free 1-month risk-free trial with no credit card required, and as low as only $10 a month afterwards!