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Quickly create and embed step-by-step, interactive tutorials into Thinkific with iorad.

Key features

  • Save time by creating step-by-step tutorials at the click of a button
  • Embed tutorials directly into Thinkific with our built-in integration
  • Cater to various learning styles to boost engagement and retention


iorad saves you time by letting you create customizable step-by-step tutorials at the click of a button and then embed them directly into your Thinkific course. Boost engagement and retention by catering to your students' diverse learning styles using an audio-visual, multi-modal presentation.

Start creating stunning iorad tutorials with ease; just install iorad, click "capture", then complete the task as you normally would online. iorad automatically creates your customizable tutorial in seconds!

Create with efficiency

Copying and pasting screenshots is a thing of the past. iorad captures your every move, saving you huge chunks of time by creating step-by-step tutorials with just a few clicks!

Maximize learner retention

Learning isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. iorad accounts for different learning styles, letting learners choose video mode, step-lists, quizzes, and more!

Simplify sharing and measure results

Creating content takes long enough; why spend more time than you need to building your courses? By leveraging Thinkific and iorad, you can embed tutorials directly into your courses with ease and measure the impact on your learners over time!

What others are saying about iorad

"iorad gives us the ability to quickly create tutorials to help our sales team master sales tools without having to click away from the screen. Enabling contextual learning in Iorad has been instrumental in helping our sales team adopt critical business workflows." - Rich Adams - Manager, Sales Tools Strategy at Zoom Inc.

"iorad makes updating our training content a piece of cake, especially in a fast-changing environment. I save hours by using their simple screen capture instead of manually editing screenshots like we did in the past." - Brian Sommers - Director of Sales Training at Doordash

"iorad has transformed how we communicate and train our users by making it possible for anybody to create and publish high-quality training! Gone are the days of spending countless hours on training materials, only to have to start over when there are changes!" - Mark Racine - Chief Information Officer at Boston Public Schools

"iorad is the best solution for tutorial building. It has saved us hundreds of hours." - Simon Herd - Chief Executive Officer at ThinkTilt

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