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Accelerate knowledge transfer and reduce misunderstanding when you narrate your shared documents.

Key features

  • Share PDFs, Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations that make a professional, meaningful impact
  • Reduce confusion by using voice and video narration to point out what's important on your pages
  • Get analytics to show you how your content is engaging your clients.


Accelerate learning with a human connection when you use voice and video narration on the documents you share.

When you narrate your pages, you become part of your shared document. Your persuasive, authentic self brings the clarity, focus and trust necessary to accelerate knowledge transfer with your audience, when you can't be there in person. LoudDoc enables creators to connect and engage powerfully with students. Upload the document you want to share, narrate and annotate the pages, then share it with a weblink. Then sit back as LoudDoc sends you engagement metrics so you know exactly how much of an impact you have on your audience.

In just a few clicks, you can convert your existing shared documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and PDFs into professional looking and engaging content. Then easily embed your new LoudDoc into any course page on your Thinkific site.

  • Put your best asset first. You: It's about authenticity. When you narrate your document, you put your personality front and center and start building a trusted relationship with your audience. People want to learn from you!
  • Multiple Narrators: Different narrators between pages bring expertise in the right context.
  • Video Clips: Record per page. There's no need to nail a perfect narration in one go for the entire document. Update narrations on any page, anytime, without needing to redo the entire document.
  • Crystal Clear: Zoom in and do more with your document than you can with a blurry video recording.
  • Interactive: Clients can go at their own pace, interacting with pages before continuing on.
  • A Simple Link: It's easy to share from a simple link, unlike huge data hogging screen recording files. Easily embed in your Thinkific course and lock your content to your site.

What are customers and users saying?

"Really love the new format you're using to share this. We haven't been face to face in a few months, but I don't feel I need to now. Your energy shone through in this doc and helped motivate me to do more. I felt like we had a meeting on my time, when I was ready to listen."

"From the first piece of unsolicited feedback I received from the very first louddoc I sent, I knew this was a game changer for my business. Instead of a bunch of questions asking me to explain what I meant on a certain page, my client's comprehension of the concepts had accelerated. In addition, they could feel the energy and hear any necessary inflection and emphasis I was placing as they watched me speak and heard my voice. As I have used this more and more, clients feel they are 'seeing and hearing me' more often even though we are not physically meeting or virtually meeting over video conferencing. The time savings are incredible on both sides of the louddoc."

We're here to help. Sign up and reach out on our live chat and we'll support you at every step of the way. Experiencing is believing. Take LoudDoc for a spin on a free plan, and try it out yourself. Also, take a look at our example LoudDoc's to see just how much more of a human connection at https://louddoc.com/