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Make it easy for students to find the exact part of the lesson they’re looking for across videos, PDFs, presentations, and text.

Key features

  • Help students find anything they need inside course videos, documents, presentations and more
  • Enable students to search across multiple courses on the collections and enrollments pages
  • Set up Omnisearch once and have all the new courses and lessons you add processed automatically


Supercharge your students' search experience!

Omnisearch makes it effortless for your students to find precise information inside your course materials.

Whether they want to find information in audio or video, PDF or Word documents, presentations or HTML, Omnisearch has them covered. Not only does Omnisearch help your students find information inside a single course, but it actually enables them to search across multiple courses.

Omnisearch enables a world-class search experience for your students, resulting in huge time savings and increased satisfaction and retention. Its top features include:

  • Finding exact moments where a word or phrase occurs in your audio or video materials, and easily navigating around the found moments using Omnisearch’s inserted navigation buttons.
  • Highlighting occurrences of a word or phrase inside your PDF materials, presentations, text and HTML.
  • Searching across multiple courses on the collections and enrollments pages.
  • Customizable search filters to help your students narrow down their search results.

All this and much more you get out of the box with the Omnisearch app. Check out the demo video above that showcases the functionality.

Installing Omnisearch is user-friendly and so easy.

Just click the Install button on the top of this page, create an Omnisearch account, and you’re done. Seriously, that’s it! All your course materials will get automatically ingested into Omnisearch (including the ones you keep adding later). Your students will be able to start using the advanced search box right away, and get access to all the great features outlined above. Also, there’s no extra code required to enable Omnisearch within your school. You can control all Omnisearch’s integrations directly from Omnisearch’s dashboard!

For any questions, feedback or ideas, please don’t hesitate to email [email protected].