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Grow your online knowledge business further with a Shopify store

Key features

  • Add a new revenue stream to your online knowledge business
  • Grow your audience and move them closer to purchase
  • Increase online course sales by selling products that kickstart the student journey


With our Shopify app, you can create a new revenue stream in your Shopify store by selling online courses!

Expand your revenue streams even further with a Shopify store that showcases your must-have products alongside your online course offerings—all from one place. Connecting your Shopify store with your Thinkific site is easy to do and empowers you to create an amazing experience for your customers

Using the Thinkific app, you can add your Thinkific courses directly to any of your Shopify sales channels (e.g. your online store, via buy button, or Instagram). Once you have Shopify and Thinkific connected, when customers purchase your courses through any of your Shopify channels, the courses will be automatically fulfilled on the Thinkific side.

When a customer purchases one of your courses in Shopify, a student account is immediately created for them in Thinkific and they are granted access to the course to begin their learning.

Tap into your biggest fans

Whether you want to sell eBooks, virtual experiences or custom merchandise, an online store helps diversify your knowledge offerings and grow your business.

Increase customer loyalty

Stores are great for building loyalty with your audience—they differentiate you from your competition so you can better retain your customers, provide more value, and sell more.

Grow your audience

Shopify stores help you grow your audience and move them closer to purchase. They’re a great next step from content like YouTube videos and blog posts.

Features Include:

  • Automatically sync Thinkific courses to your Shopify Store
  • Student account immediately created for them in Thinkific after course purchase in Shopify
  • Automate welcome emails for new Shopify purchases
  • Sell courses through both the Shopify and Thinkific Checkout simultaneously