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Empower note-taking and allow students to retain their work in a custom digital workbook.

Key features

  • Easily design and build interactive digital workbooks
  • Display the workbook within your Thinkific course curriculum to minimize distractions
  • Students don’t need to log in or create workbook accounts to save their responses


Wobo enables course creators to design and build on-brand, interactive workbooks that engage and retain students. Course creators can share key takeaways, diagrams, and provide opportunities for student work that are much more interesting and interactive than a simple question and answer survey. It’s the easiest way to build, share, and manage a digital workbook.

How does Wobo work with Thinkific?

  • Wobo allows workbook sections to be embedded within your Thinkific course as multimedia lessons. This means students don’t need to have another window open to fill out their workbook.
  • Exercises are kept within the course player to minimize distractions and allows you to choose exactly when the exercise should be completed.
  • Students can use their Thinkific account to create a Wobo account using single sign-on. This means no login screens showing up in your course, and students can still retain their work in their own personal workbook.
  • Since students sign up using Thinkific, you don’t have to create their accounts and send out email invites.

Wobo is designed for course creators who want to improve student engagement and create a more interactive learning experience.

  • Workbooks are easy to design and build, and updates can be pushed live to students immediately.
  • Course creators gain visibility into student progress thanks to accessibility to their notes. In Wobo, student notes and reflections are auto-saved and visible to both creators and students throughout the learning experience.
  • Workbooks can’t be unintentionally edited like a Google or Notion doc. No more accidentally deleting questions or messing with the formatting.
  • Not just question & answer! Using the simple visual builder, you can include dynamic question types that engage students more than a quiz, survey, or fillable PDF by providing varied delivery methods like tables, diagrams, links, and more.
  • Wobo allows students to take notes and answer structured questions without concealing their answers or requiring instructor approval to continue. When the online course is completed, students can download their workbook as one PDF, providing an artifact of their learning experience they can keep and reflect on in the future.