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Would you like to automatically and securely share files and folders with your students when they join your course? WooNinja File Share is the one click, no code solution you are looking for!

Key features

  • Securely share course materials with students with encrypted links
  • Grant access to folders based on specific course enrollments
  • Unlimited files, students and courses. No additional fees or charges.


An Easy to Use, No-Code File Share System

Would you like to share files, folders and course materials easily? Would you like to avoid manually having to add a student to Dropbox? Or remembering to remove them from your Google Drive? Would you like to easily control which files and folders your student has access to?

In the past, this wasn't possible without specialized, custom implementations of DropBox and similar file systems. Not only is this expensive, but it can also take weeks to get everything connected. WooNinja File Share is designed by Thinkific Experts to be a one-click, easy-to-use addition to your Thinkific school. It takes less than 5 minutes to get setup with no need for additional, costly software. We also don't limit you by file size, so you can share whatever you want whenever you need to!

New: Assignments

WooNinja File Share allows your students to easily upload assignments. Accept any file from any student, and give them a grade with feedback.

Get Started in Five Minutes or Less:

  1. Install the WooNinja File Share app with 1-click
  2. Open the app and create your folders, adding your content as needed. We support everything from PDFs to Images to Zips!
  3. Choose the access level for each course, for example when a student joins your accounting course, they get access to your accounting folders.
  4. Click Save


  • Unlimited files, students and courses. No additional fees or charges.
  • Grant access to folders based on specific course enrollments, including by trial and removing when course access is expired
  • Securely share course materials with students with encrypted links
  • Share any file type to any student with no limits on size
  • Built by Thinkific Experts

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does WooNinja File Share work?

WooNinja File Share allows you to share your downloadable material in a secure manner in your own private folder with your students. You can select which students have access to which files, meaning they are automatically granted access based on their enrollments.

Do I need a developer or automation software? Or coding skills?

No, WooNinja File Share is a one click install with no additional code, software or developers needed.

Are your GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are 100% GDPR compliant. We do not sell, monitor or analyse your student data. All files are stored using EU data centers on AWS S3.

How do you protect my content?

Unlike other file systems, we provide your student with a time sensitive link to download your content. This means you can control your files in real time including the ability to disable downloads for those students that are on a free trial or have expired enrollments.

Do you charge per file, student or course?

No, our plan includes unlimited files, students and courses. Whether you store 10MB, 100GB or 1TB, our pricing is the same.