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Want to send an email as soon as a student joins your course? WooNinja Funnels is the one click, no code solution you are looking for.

Key features

  • Unlike competitors, we offer unlimited funnels, students, and courses
  • Trigger emails based on over 5 trigger types, including by course or bundle
  • Securely sell eBooks to students to grow your business faster


Set up a powerful funnel system in minutes—no coding needed

Would you like to sell your eBook easily? Or send your student an email as soon as they join your course? How about sending them a final worksheet when they complete your course?

In the past, you would have needed upwards of three different pieces of software to achieve this. Not only is this expensive, but it can also take hours to get everything connected. A nightmare!

WooNinja Funnels is designed by Thinkific Experts to be a one-click, easy to use addition to your Thinkific school. It takes less than 5 minutes to get set up with no need for additional and costly software.

Get started in under 5 minutes

  1. Install the WooNinja Funnels app with 1-click
  2. Open the funnel builder and click Add Funnel
  3. Choose your trigger, for example when a user buys your course, or as soon as they sign up.
  4. Write your email, or choose one of our templates, and attach your eBook (or any file type you like including PDFs)
  5. Click Save

Most Powerful Features

  • Unlimited funnels, students and courses. No additional fees or charges.
  • Trigger emails based on over 5 trigger types, including by course or bundle
  • Securely sell eBooks to students
  • Send any file type to any email with no limits on the size
  • Built by Thinkific Experts

Frequently Asked Questions

How does WooNinja Funnels work?

WooNinja Funnels allows you to send emails to your students based on events. For example, when a student buys your course, you can send them a welcome email with an eBook download.

Do I need a developer or automation software? Or coding skills?

No, WooNinja Funnels is a one-click install with no additional code, software or developers needed.

Are your GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are 100% GDPR compliant. We do not sell, monitor or analyse your student data. All emails are sent using EU data centres.

How do you protect my content?

Unlike other email systems, we provide your student with a time-sensitive link to download your content. This means you can control your funnel in real-time, both disabling downloads or not allowing a student to re-download your content.

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