Button Builder

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Build a special button with a call to action on your Thinkific website


Key features

  • Add a button with a call to action on your Thinkific site
  • Link to any page on your Thinkific site or to an external source
  • Customize the button to suit your brand


Button Builder allows you to add a floating button to your Thinkific website and completely customize it to fit your style.

What you can use Button Builder for?
  • Link to your “All Courses” page
  • Invite students to sign up or log in
  • Direct people to your FAQ page
  • Send traffic to your social channels
  • Highlight your latest course
  • And anything else you want to easily point people to!

Many course creators use Patreon, Facebook Groups, YouTube, and other different community platforms. The Button Builder is a great way to drive them to your other channels & communities.

How can you customize the button?
  • How it opens: Choose if the new page will open in the current or new tab
  • Button shapes: Use different button types, like rounded, square or tabs
  • Icons: Pick the icon that will be shown on the button. This is a very important point because the icon will get your students' attention. However, you can also just keep a call to action text without using the icon.
  • Wave animation: You can add a wave animation to track more attention to the button
  • Shake animation: You can shake the button every few seconds, that for sure will make it even more visible.
  • Choose your colors: Pick the colors you want for the button and the text/icon on it. You can of course pick colors that will fit your Thinkific website style.
  • Add an eye-catching CTA: You don’t have to, but it’s highly recommended to add call to action text.
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