Contact Us - All-in-One

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Make it easier than ever for students to get in touch with you.


Key features

  • Get back to your customers through their favourite platform
  • Offer a communication channel that students trust
  • Customize the button to suit your brand


Most of your prospective customers are already using the chat channels Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, SMS or Telegram. It's time to give them the option to contact you in a way that feels familiar, trustworthy, and fun. Get back to your customers faster in a way they enjoy!

When someone has a question about your course business, chances are they’re just going to leave your site altogether rather than searching for a support email. With so many options out there, people are too busy to spend time looking for answers. But when you give them the option to easily contact you via their most convenient platform right from your website, this feels like a quicker, more familiar way to get in touch. You can get back to them just a few hours later and they will get your reply directly to their mobile device.

No more replies getting lost in an inbox with (probably) hundreds of emails! Customize the user experience and choose if you want to have just one person that can be contacted or multiple team members—it’s possible to add every one of your teammates. In addition, you can select different types of designs for the contact button itself, including animations, location on the screen, its general style, and more.