Page Speed Booster

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Boost how quickly your pages load in just thirty seconds


Key features

  • In only a few clicks, watch your pages load faster than ever before
  • Improve your conversion rates thanks to an improved site experience
  • Works seamlessly with any theme


If you want your course business to succeed, your site needs to load fast. Why? Sites that load more quickly have higher conversion rates, which means better profits for your business.

How do loading times affect your site?

  • Prospective customers are more likely to abandon your site if it takes too long to load, resulting in a potential loss of sales
  • Slower sites rank lower in Google search engine results, making your site harder for interested consumers to find

How does Page Speeder Booster help?

Page Speed Booster tells your browser to use idle time on your Thinkific page to load other pages in anticipation of the user’s next action.

For example, if a prospective customer is on your site’s home page, Page Speed Booster will begin to retrieve your course page data while they consider their next click. When the visitor clicks the link, their browser will swiftly retrieve the content from their browser’s cache, rather than from Thinkific’s servers.

With Page Speed Booster, your prospective students load pages faster making it more likely that they’ll convert into your next customer. Plus, no coding skills are needed to get set up. You’ll get the fastest version of your website in thirty seconds flat.