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Simplify and automate your email marketing to quickly grow and engage your audience.


Key features

  • Easily segment your contacts into contact lists
  • Increase conversion with visual automation tools
  • Tag contacts in ConvertKit based on actions in Thinkific


Take your email and marketing automations to the next level with ConvertKit!

Use ConvertKit to simplify and automate your email marketing so you can do more of what you love! Automatically add new Thinkific sign ups to ConvertKit and create custom automated funnels by tagging users based on their actions in Thinkific. This lets you segment your audience so they get the right information at the right time.

Sync your orders as they occur with subscriber profiles in ConvertKit. Each time a payment is made on Thinkific the transaction information (purchase amount, discount applied, and total paid) are automatically passed to your ConvertKit account and attached to the purchaser's profile.

ConvertKit is a marketing platform built for Creators so that you can spend more time doing the thing you love: creating!

Features Include:

  • Build automated email funnels to get content to your users at the right time
  • Easily organize your user lists with tags and segments
  • Reach inboxes with a high degree of deliverability

Automatically add ConvertKit tags based on the following actions performed by users in Thinkific:

  • New signups
  • Full enrollments
  • Free preview enrollments
  • Completed enrollments
  • New orders