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Boost course sales by collecting & showcasing video testimonials from your students.


Key features

  • Collect video testimonials in minutes—students can one-click record on any browser or device
  • Add an engaging video testimonial feed onto any course page
  • Add testimonials from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more



Hoist makes it easy, fast & cost-effective to collect and showcase video testimonials from your students.

Why video testimonials?

With increasing competition in the online education space, building trust before a student purchases your course has become more important than ever before. Testimonials from previous students is one of the best ways to encourage a prospective customer to purchase your courses.

Video testimonials are the best way to share your customers’ stories. Why? Because more and more users doubt the authenticity of text reviews.Video testimonials, on the other hand, are authentic, more engaging & trustworthy. Plus, 2 out of 3 people say they’d be more likely to make a purchase after watching a testimonial video.

Why Hoist?

Without Hoist, collecting video testimonials can be a long & tricky process. It requires multiple back & forth messages with the student to deal with the complexity of recording, sharing & storing large video files. Sharing testimonials as a YouTube or Vimeo video greatly limits branding & doesn't give you analytics on video engagement, either.

With Hoist, we make collecting video testimonials simple.

You get a simple form that you can share with your students via email, chat or social channels. Videos can be recorded by your customers without installing any app on their end. Recorded videos are instantly available to use, easily embeddable on your course page & can be downloaded to use elsewhere.

Hoist Features

  • One-click video record on any browser or device—no need for your students to install an app
  • Add testimonials from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more
  • Customize the testimonial collection form with a video & text message
  • Easily embed the testimonial feed onto your course page—approved testimonials are automatically synced
  • Embed individual videos at a time
  • Share testimonials on any social channel
  • Download HD video files to include in other websites, campaigns, and by any promotional partners

Installing Hoist on Thinkific

Through the Thinkific App Store, we've made it easy for you to import your Hoist testimonials on any course page. Once you’ve installed Hoist, clicking Add a Section in the Thinkific Site Builder will bring up two custom options for you to choose from: either a testimonial feed, or a testimonial collection form. You just need to enter your unique link to have the testimonials feed show up.