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Automate daily tasks and improve productivity by using Zapier to connect with thousands of apps.


Key features

  • Easily automate your repetitive tasks & workflows
  • Connect Thinkific with thousands of apps
  • Quickly build out custom student experiences


Automate repetitive tasks and increase operational efficiency on your Thinkific site!

Zapier enables you to connect housands of apps to your Thinkific site to automate your workflows and be more productive. You can easily create your own Thinkific Zapier integrations with the tools you currently use to increase your efficiency and grow your online business. Zapier allows you to instantly connect Thinkific with 1,500+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers!

Zapier allows for Triggers and Actions (Grow plan or higher) to be utilized for your Thinkific site:

  • Triggers: You can use triggers to send information out of Thinkific and into another app. This works well for automating tasks as a result of events on your Thinkific site. Many triggers are supported in Thinkific including but not limited to new orders, new enrollments and courses completed.
  • Actions: Allow you to send information into the Thinkific platform as well as out. This supports automatically enrolling or unenrolling students based on predefined triggers.