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Engage more students by allowing them to take notes for individual lessons and make their learning journey smooth.


Key features

  • Retain students by allowing them to take notes for individual lessons
  • Enhance students’ experience by showing the feature on the course player page
  • Customize the note panel and give it an appropriate look using the style settings


Provide useful learning features to students

While studying, students require a few things that help them in their studies and enhance their efficiency. The first and foremost requirement of learning is taking notes of the important points. In the era of digitalization, no one wants to use paper or notebooks to take notes because of the availability and accessibility issues. The course creator would also love to provide the feature of taking e-notes while learning online. Hence, the notes app has been built to help course creators as well as students.

Engage more students

Students can start taking notes from directly within the course player page which makes them free from the hassle of logging into another platform. This aims to reduce students’ burden of writing chapter names and lesson names and allows them to just take notes for individual lessons.

Customize the look and feel of the note panel

Enhance the appearance of the note panel appearing on the course player page directly from the app’s admin panel. It is very easy to change the style settings and text of the buttons related to the note panel. A preview is given in the admin panel so once you make the changes, you will be able to see what it will look like on the course player page.

Enable students to organize the important points efficiently

Let’s say a student wants to make a note about "the benefits of eating fruits". Instead of writing the benefits in a paragraph if they note it down line by line, it becomes easier for them to read them at the time of revision. Hence, they can use the bullet points option available inside the text editor to fulfill their requirements.